The Drowsy Poet

At first glance it sort of looks like Starbucks but on closer examination one notices that the iconic Mermaid is replaced by none other than William Shakespeare, and fortunately he’s wearing a shirt. The Drowsy Poet is a locally owned coffee house that rivals anything Starbucks has going and I don’t mean just drinks. They also have the atmosphere, merchandising and logo. The owner is often present and really knows his coffee. He’s very passionate about providing his customers with the best bean possible. They even do their roasting on location. It’s all top notch. As for drinks, my personal favorites are the Poetchino or Carmel Macchiatto.

So the next time you’re in Pensacola and thirsty for a coffee drink, pass up Starbucks, and give them a try. They’re located next to Pensacola Christian Academy at 86 Brent Lane.