A Day Out with Thomas

DSC_0799We were one of  the first cars to pull into the parking lot Saturday morning. I could see Thomas parked at the station. I could barley contain my enthusiasm in seeing Tripp’s response to the life size engine. As we walked toward the Depot Tripp grinned from ear to ear  as he spotted the “cheeky” blue engine. Enthusiastically he proclaimed,”Momma, Dadda, Thomas!”  As the three of us walked hand in hand we waved and yelled, “Hi Thomas!”

The funny thing is as first time parents we were determined not to let our child become one of those children obsessed with over commercialized entities. You know characters like Lighting McQueen and Dora the Explorer, or, and I shudder to think, Barney. 

However, before we knew it we had fallen in love with Thomas the tank engine. Now our living room is overrun with Thomas and friends. To solidify our sellout we took Tripp to Calera, Alabama in March for A Day Out with Thomas.

In the end Christina and I were as excited as Tripp to ride the life size Thomas. Choo Choo!


Capturing my Son 2.

Christina has been shooting in manual and getting some good pictures. These were shot with a our new AF-S 50 mm f /1.4  and a AF-S 24-70 mm f/2.8 that we rented for a wedding shoot Christina shadowed  last weekend with Courtney and David of Sublime Studios.







Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingThe day turkeys dread has arrived. We’ll be celebrating with my family today. There’s always more food then we can shake a stick at. I am thankful for a lot this year. God has been faithful in his provisions, and I continue to grow as a Christian, husband, father and minister. Life has not been without its trials; however, growth can not occur without them. I am thankful He counts me worthy. I hope everyone has a joyful thanksgiving.

Dirty Penny

I love old photographs. I’ve been scanning pictures I inherited after my grandfather’s passing several years ago. I scanned this one tonight. This picture was taken in the March of ’75 in front of my grandfather’s small country store by a photographer who was just passing through. The little girl in the picture is one of my first cousins. I’ve heard that she hates the picture. I love it. Sorry Penny, I’m glad it wasn’t lost.