I’m Quitting Church!

quitting-church1You can’t make everyone happy. Nowhere in my life has this quip proved more true then in the church. Fortunately, as a pastor I’m not concerned with making everyone in the church happy. What does concern me is assisting people in the church with the means to mature in their faith.  This Christmas I received Julia Duin’s book on why faithful Bible believing Christians are leaving the church. From unmet needs to shallow teaching her insights echo some of the rumblings I’ve heard from professing Christians that have fled their churches. Filled with alarming statistics and personal accounts, Duin’s book is a shot across the bow of church leadership, a shot that deserves to be addressed. I recommend it to anyone who desires to be a part of  a church that reaches those outside the faith with the gospel as well as one that feeds maturing believers with more than the basics of the faith.

Additional Book Recommendations

Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham Jr.


One thought on “I’m Quitting Church!

  1. Hey Rickie…This is the same topic my family and I have been discussing this whole Christmas vacation. We’ll have to do lunch sometime soon to discuss it. I’ve actually really gotten into John Piper’s book “Disiring God” and have had a little of an enlightening period of my own. Not to mention Jonathon Edwards’ works. His personal journals have been extremely spiritually helpful. Well, Susan and I are really looking forward to getting back FBNC. It seems like we’ve been gone forever. Hope your having a good break.

    See you next week,

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